The electronic part
data platform

Millions of engineers, scientists, and sourcing professionals use Octopart
tools to quickly access a comprehensive, up-to-date library of electronic part
data, supporting their work from the beginning of a design through fabrication.

and Accurate
Part Data

Over 61 million parts on Octopart are connected directly to electronic distributors with stock, pricing, lifecycle status, and lead time information updated daily.

Part Data
You Need It

Find the component data you need to make informed decisions with access to Octopart from Altium Designer, the Nexar API, Altium 365, and more.

CAD Models

Accelerate your design process with access to over 1 million parts in Altium Designer, each with their own symbol, footprint, and 3D model.

More from Octopart

BOM Tool

Automatically verify part numbers in your Bill of Materials, and get real-time pricing, lifecycle status, lead time, and availability information.

Nexar API

Get instant access to electronic part data for manufacturing, design, and sourcing with an easy-to-use API.


Reach millions of engineers worldwide, tap into Octopart’s robust part data, and gain valuable industry insight, all with Nexar.