Altium Limited

Updated: March 29th 2021



Altium will submit an annual MSS for each relevant reporting period. Altium will ensure the MSS complies with our obligations under Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. The MSS will be approved by the Board of Altium Ltd and submitted to the Australian Border Force for assessment and publishing on the Online Register for Modern Slavery Statements.

Altium’s current core principles for ensuring this policy is maintained can be summarised as follows.

  1. All employment at Altium is contracted voluntarily and is never the subject of threats, coercion or exploitation.
  2. Altium does not condone modern slavery in its business operations nor within or along its supply chains.
  3. Altium expects suppliers to understand and abide by its Supplier Code of Conduct at all times, both when seeking to engage with Altium and throughout the duration of the engagement.

Any Reports or allegations of violations of the policy will be investigated immediately, this will include reports arising from our Whistleblower Policy and any other policies which are to be read in conjunction with this policy.

Modern Slavery Statement